Does it ever strike you just how fucked up things are?

It always amazes me how we are so married to ourselves and our own immediacies. We talk about things in terms of how they relate to us. And to a large degree, we can't be blamed for this. The only eyes we have to see through are, ironically, eyes we can only see by looking into a mirror. But it puts us at immediate odds with truth insomuch as there is a built-in veil slanting our vision.

Still, that doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to see past our own situations and dependencies. It's a huge world and the vast majority of people out there are in worse shape than us. This is a truth that looms large enough it's almost begging to be avoided. But the world is small enough that avoiding that truth will, in time, have dire consequences.

Unless we reclaim in action that old adage "think global", we will suffer locally.

And by we, I don't me you and me, but rather we as brothers and sisters of the world and of which we are but a few siblings.

And if that happened, it would be just as, if not even more, amazing as our seeming inability to grasp the concept in the first place.

And if it happens, it will be through love.

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