To me, this is the most meaningful song I've written.

It is the first song I wrote for my wife.

In fact, I wrote it before I had any idea she would be my wife. Right around the time I was hoping a chance meeting might develop into a long-lasting one night stand.

I had just met Alison (Alison Millar) in Guatemala (Aldus Dreams) and had known immediately that there was something special about her. So a week or two later, I found myself writing this song about the fog of the future. Trying desperately to see the path, even though its curves blind you to its end many times over. And as chance, determination, and luck would have it, this song that I wrote about Alison, wondering if she would bemy future, proved prophetic.

In a post-script, in a sort of tribute to the cosmos ...

Grey is our daughter's middle name.

- lyrics -