island day

This is a neat story insomuch as it really happened.

Every bit of story-telling in Island Day actually took place and in the span of about an hour. Our friends have a really beautiful house on Peaks Island, just off the mainland that is Portland, Maine. I mean, it's gorgeous. Not too big. Not too fancy. Not too many rooms. Just a really tasteful set-up designed for easy living. And it was on the porch of this house that Island Day came about.

My wife was sitting on the grass playing with our daughter and our friends' daughter and I was sitting in the shade plucking away on my guitar. And I came on this simple chord turn-around at the same time as a string of very campy things unfolded in front of me.

The pickup truck soooo slowly passing by.

The kids on their bikes really did wave hello.

The whistle drifting through next door yards ... it sounded pretty good.

The pleasant looking, round faced lady waved..

And the man did come following her a few seconds later.

And how perfect it was. I mean, it was Leave it to Beaver meets Norman Rockwell. And it invited the kind of introspection about self and society that only some moments do. And so within about an hour, Island Day was written. It was the easiest song I've ever written. I just kept writing down things that happened right in front of me. I could have gone on, but the song would be way too long. And the weather on the day all this happened, just happened to be splendid.

It really was a perfect Peaks Island day.

- lyrics -