Jason Ayers

Jason was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised nearby in Reading. He started to dig the drums after a cousin from Virginia Beach wowed him with the art of rhythm and coordination. At the tender, young age of 14, decided "This is what I have to do".

Throughout high school, Jason was involved in Marching Band, Percussion Ensemble, Concert Band, Jazz Band and Music Theory. He was a true music geek, playing everything from the bass drum to complex xylophone rhythms. About a year later, he started playing in various bands. Being so close to Boston gave him the experience of playing with many talented musicians. He then moved on to college at Northeastern University and drifted in education and music while still playing out regularly.

In 1996 he moved to Orono, Maine to continue his studies. From there, it was on to Portland and the continued pursuit of music mastery. Jason started jamming with Rhad Davis and Tribe Describe in December of 1998 and still rocks with both on occasion.

Jason and Jon found each other through bassist John Michaels. That was back in early '08. It was a match from day one. You'll routinely catch Jon saying something like "He just gets it" meaning, Jason's sound is just right for the band and has, in short order, gone from a nice to have to a must have. In just a few short months, Jason's taped a number of JCB shows, many of which you can find on our music page. He has recorded hundreds other shows as well using SR-77 Earthworks Mics and a D.A.T. Machine.

Some of Jason's influences include John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, Neil Peart of Rush, Bill Bruford of Yes, Ginger Baker of Cream, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, John Densmore of the Doors, Miles Davis, Phish, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Beatles and Sublime.