John Michaels

I'm a music lover who started on saxophone as a kid. Big brother took me to an Allman Brothers concert in Boston when I was in Jr. High (and to see 'Mountain') and that was it for me - no more sax, it was bass and rock music forever. I played in bands with pals thru high school and for a couple more years in college. I stopped playing for many years at that point because I thought I was 'growing up'. Wrong! While on a trip to Hawaii with my wife and martial arts class, I had an epiphany about missing music in my life! When I returned I picked up a guitar to play and soon after a bass (1990). Since then I have enjoyed numerous projects in classic rock, alternative rock, R&B and now acoustic rock and each has challenged me to grow musically.

I have a terminal case of 'GAS' (gear acquisition syndrome) and would fill my house with instruments and amps if I could get away with it! I have owned many basses over the years including Hofner, Musicman, G&L, Fender, Pedulla, Spector, P. Cirrus, MTD, Yamaha, Ibanez and probably should have kept several collectables in a vault. But, I prefer to play them and am always looking for new sounds and styles to try out. C'est la vie!

Music connects to our souls and speaks without words! I hope I never think I have to stop playing again!