Jon Camp

First off, thanks for checking us out. We love to play music--whether it's in a bar, a studio, or a living room--but the fact that so many people seem to be digging on us is making it so much more fun right now. We've got a great and growing group of fans and friends showing up for shows and the energy we're feeling on stage is intoxicating. So there's really no way to start this bio other than a huge thanks.

A little background on me. You might say I 'found myself' about eight years ago in Costa Rica when a grizzly, old, and extremely talented brutha named Mike Woodknot slipped into my life. We made our way on the San Jose streets busquing for bucks. About three dollars a day was what we were worth and that just so happened to be what we needed. From the city, we made our way to beach-side bars, my buddy Chris Bond (better known in hippy circles as "Toejam") cranking on the hand-drum. Stories are many, but aside from the simply ridiculous good fortune of finding myself floating through Central America for a few months, it was a time I really came alive musically.

Back in the States, I hooked up with one of my best buddies Jeff Kessinger and Eric Thomas in Syracuse, NY, and we got Wide Wale off the ground (click here for music). I also put out a really early cd that I was pretty proud of called Loophole. It was there I began to define a sound that I'm still refining. And it was there that a string of bands began, many of which would play under the heading Jon Camp & Friends for lack of a better name. Funny, I've gotten no more creative over the years when it comes to band names!

In southern California, our band Wood Monkey made some waves. Between Dave Virginia's rock-solid bass lines and his dad Dick's mind blowing guitar licks, we took second place in a regional battle of the bands and had some absolutely fantastic concerts, giving a taste of what it might be like to be bonafide rock know, panties tossed on stage...that kind of thing.

From there, it was on to Hartford, CT, where I played a smattering of bars with a smattering of friends. Mostly, we were just out to have fun; and we made good on that many times over. If you're in New England and are up for a fat fiesta, check out the growing goodness of Budneyfest. It's always the first weekend of summer ... this year, that means June 21st. We'll be playing as well as a few other bands. It's right on West Hill Lake in New Hartford. You simply can't do better than this kind of grassroots jam sesh that sprouts many, mini tent cities each year.

I've been in Maine about a year now (yes, that's me on News 8). I couldn't have been more fortunate than to have somehow found myself sharing a stage with these guys. Collectively, the dudes in jcb are among the most talented musicians I've ever played with and we're in the process of starting something that may not stop.

Personally, I'm married - wife, Alison; daughter, Tarin; son, Colin. They are each and only the light and delight of my life. If I tend to write happy stuff, they're the reason. My eternal thanks to the gods of fortune for this lot in life. Namaste.

If you find yourself at one of our shows, stop up and say hey. Always looking for the light in a crowd. Or reach out and throw an email my way ( and I'll fill you in on what's coming up. We'd love to get you jamming out with us at one of our gigs.

Thanks again for checking us out.