k street

it started in a car coolin' on down on k street
you know, down by the water where the road and the river meet
doing what it is that they all be doing on k street
getting it in, getting it on, getting it done and now they be

beautiful, beautiful once lost now they found
promising wonder whole world around
nothing ever going to tear them tear them down
all it will be like it was … down on k street

bought a little house just a little way down from where they meet
down on the corner where old freddie once got his head beat
years went by and diggin' on life was easy
all it was good 'til boy like another girl he see

everything changes … reasons like seasons revolve
like the leaves … so love evolves
but what about the one left behind … the beautiful lover left in time
heart longing to beat … like back on k street

moved in with a friend at the other end of the city
got a new job and a new dew looking good she
didn't think it would but never has it not so pretty soon
time took over and again she could see the sun before the moon

always look forward when back clouds the sky
you can always shrug your shoulders when you just don't know why
it may appear the rain won't go away
but like they always say the sun will come some other day

to beautiful people come beautiful things
like beautiful smiles or the way the wind sings
to beautiful people come beautiful ends
let your heart be open let the sun come streaming in
oh, let it in…

- story -