At it's core, this song is about making things different. And making them better..

No, I didn't write it hoping that Barack Obama would use it in his campaign (i'm not saying that would have been nice). I happen to write it right around the same time as he was whooping up on John McCain.

The point of the song is simple.

Shit is fucked up and needs to change. It does seem like every time something goes right, something else goes wrong. You do read -- all the time, it seems -- about another paper mill shutting down (the paper industry, if you don't know, is totally up a creek and has been heading that way for a long time now). Small towns are in danger of losing their past by losing their future all over the country. Rich people do get press just because they're rich. Poorer people are ignored because they're poor. Politics are rotten; like really rotten. I don't know many people who aren't struggling. It is time for a new moon to rise.

And it has to start with us.

Correction, it starts with me.

- lyrics-