from photography to literature to comics to blog ... below is internet gold. if you're into random pursuit of higher form ... this is like internet mecca. good hunting.


jeff kessingger - killer singer-songwriter on the left coast (clayton, california) and one of my absolute best buddies. if you dig alternate acoustic rock, i've got dollars to those nifty little alien head things you buy in nm that you'll like jeff's stuff. it's something you'll grow to love.

colorblind - want funk? like, real ... good ... funk? go out of your way to find these guys. they're conga guy is none other than our own ken fasulo. seriously. if you like to dance to old school, like, dirty funk, check 'em out.

jay drew / a moving train - this you won't believe. i'm still a little surprised i know these guys. you know how when a band is so good you just want to tell people you know the band? yeah, that's where i am with jay's band. this lady has got it going on in every way. if you like hip hop at all ... if you don't know about hip hop but like r&b ... if you're just not sure about any of it but are not averse to a rimshot and a sweet voice ... this is for you. do yourself a favor and find this band!

grant street orchestra - sticking in the hip hop ... the grant street orchestra is a portland, maine experiment that is really working. started by a couple cats with serious soul and joined by the next generation (read: young musicians who just seriously know what they're doing), this group is throwing out a very cool spin on old school hip-hop. If you've got a few minutes, you will no doubt be happy spending those minutes with these guys.

justin mcroberts - talk about a talent. a touring musician and all around good guy, justin writes from the heart. his music takes a religious tact which generally might not be my thing, but something's different about justin's stuff. it's as solid as singing/songwriting gets and worth a listen.


rob dalton - there are a few truly wacky guys out there in the world and rob is one of them. some minds go farther than others and for a taste of the wild side, check out rob's rants. you will not be disappointed. (at least, not if you lean left!)


nye wright - a master unto himself, nye skillfully tickles the adult mind back to childhood with a dazzling display of comic creativity. his site will no doubt reinvigorate your imagination and leave you wondering what's next.

dan weinstein - lovingly known to most of you as fat dan, this is a guy who could make jackson pollack squirm. if you like avant gaurd art, check out his site. he's a teacher on long island, but soon enough ... soon enough, my friend, you're stuff is going to be worth more than we're buying it for.


judd trichter - one of my very best buddies, judd is a screenwriter/actor/all around studd in hollywood. (jewish and single, ladies ... ) i was going to link you to his obscenely talented (literal translation) 'i of the fish', but i think his other stuff is just as good. for the full judd-effect, check him out at his homepage.

web design

todd mitchell - whether you know what you're looking for or have absolutely no idea but know it's gotta be killer, todd will make it happen for you. start to finish, if you need a site built, this is your guy. hands down.