probably for the best

at it's core, this song is about the day my wife and I met.

It was down in Antigua, Guatemala in, yes, an out of the way café (check out aldus dreams). But it's also about the beauty of two lives coming together to form one new body.

It's amazing how that happens. How integrally you can become part of another's world. But for the phenom that is true love, it's also critical to remember that we are fundamentally individuals. All too often, people lose a sense of self in their commitment to a partnership. And that's a sure way to begin the slide toward an end to the partnership. It's a balancing act fit for Barnum and Bailey; and to those who've stayed on the high-wire ... kudos.

One thing that seems to help my wife and I walk the line, is staying true to each other and true to ourselves.

No bullshit.

No lies.

No secrets.

Full transparency.

And even when it becomes a hard line to hold (and it can be a hard line to hold), we've found it is probably for the best, insomuch as we both sleep well -- and together -- every night.

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