This story was born on a great, bachelor party weekend. A bachelor party that, as best man, I had the honor of putting together.

Upstate New York.

A bunch of good friends.

A cabin, all the accoutrements, of course, and a killer game of paint-ball.

Yes, we shot the shit out of each other. And afterward, beaten and bruised, we went in two directions. Some went back to the cabin to shower up and chill out. And the rest of us hit a local bar. 10:30am. 8-10 guys roll in and proceed to take the place over. 'cept this time, there was an older gentleman sitting at the bar who would take complete charge of the situation.

He was probably 60 years old.

By himself.

A total showman.

All of a sudden, we hear him bust out a killer rendition of some old school song (something that sounded like it was from the 1920s). And it blew my mind.

You might say it sent a ripple through my soul. So I went and wrote a song about it. Ripples don't come often, but when they do, you're a fool not to regognize.

- lyrics -