Ron Palmer

Ron was born in the spring of 1978 in Sanford, Maine. He was raised nearby in the small town of Waterboro where he discovered music at a young age. Ron started playing guitar and drums at the age of 14. Never taking a lesson, his self-taught musicianship found him in many bands throughout high school. After school, Ron started a project inspired by his heroes Sid Barret and Roger Waters. (Needless to say, Pink Floyd is one of Ron's influences, along with Phish, Grateful Dead, CCR, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, jazz, funk, ect..)

Ron was the lead singer and lead guitarist of "4-Men & Their Pieces". Playing all over Maine and New Hampshire gave Ron the experience for what his future holds. Learning all the instruments such as bass guitar and piano only intensified his love for music.

Ron went on playing with the band Tribe Describe for two great years, recorded a full length album called "What it's like" available @ bull moose locations (Maine), playing many shows, festivals, collages, and sharing shows with the band Strange Folk. The Band came to a mutual split to to seek out our own path in music.

Being Portland based Ron has been seen playing with bands such as Groove Desciples, Band Beyond Description, The Brews Brothers (Blues Brothers Tribute) Doc Drinkwater(GMS), Rhythm Ship and now is currently working with the Jon Camp Band Ron is a focused serious musician, always up for a challenge and loves it.