so beautiful

Pink purple blue orange sunsets get me going
Like an ocean alive with little sea creatures glowing
And I dive down deep to the depths of my head
Stand in admiration of the deep magenta reds

And I step into a thought, a dropped in distraction
The sound of a bird goes flapping by and I feel a strange attraction
And I envy your freedom your simple state of being
It's a thing that I so very rarely find my own self feeling

But it's nothing next to you … you're so beautiful

Times like this they are my single solace
Body is surrounded by the deep deep roots that feed my soul
It's all around a song a sound strong as stone
A powerful pulse beating to a rhythm that's all it's own

So much around to take it all in would be impossible
It's like the gospel for us, followers of the natural
And when I'm overwhelmed, my senses sound alarms
I take a step back and think of you, yeah, lying in my arms

And it's nothing next to you … 'cause you're so beautiful

Off again in the gurgling of a stream going by
Bubbles race each other down to where the river meets the sky
Leaf floats past grasp of time strikes like lightning
Synapses firing at a firefly pace and the concept is frightening

Billions of years and millions of moments in just one day
The thought gets caught in my throat chokes me up and I don't know what to say
But like a cool breeze goes by I can breath again
And I find my mind driving back to you my old old friend

And oh, there's nothing next to you …
Oh there's nothing that I can do …
Oh it's all nothing next to you … because you're so beautiful

- story -