so beautiful

This story started out in the San Jacinto mountains.

Ali and I were camping for a couple nights and one evening, as we sat overlooking a deep gully saturated with long-standing trees, an eagle (or so it is in my memory) floated up out of nowhere as if to share the moment with us and proceeded to put on a killer air show.

It was simply magical. There's no other way to say it.

Shortly after, at sunset, I picked up my guitar and wrote that first line, "pink purple blue orange sunsets get me going, like an ocean at night with little sea creatures glowing." And over the course of that night, I wrote much of the song ... but nothing that would stay in the song.

Only that first line would ultimately make the cut.

And it would be years before it would be finished. Literally. I don't think I finished it until I was in Hartford, Connecticut. And in the same year, I recorded it and made a video with it.

I gave the full monte to to Alison for her birthday.

Truly, it is my great privilege to have found someone so beautiful, in so many ways.