the new song

i know you want me to love you for who you are inside
you've got a beautiful mind and an intoxicating kind of kind
so please don't think me rude don't think at all i'm an ogre ogling over you
but i've just got to get this off my mind

it's your style that drives me wild
the way you make your way to the back of the bar
woos me to play this guitar for you
and it's your cool that's got me howlin' at the moon
I get a little crazy when your daisy eyes turn my way, it makes my crazy

i like to get down like a funky dog
always begging for bones licking looking for love
hoping come one day you're gonna throw up your hands and say fuck it, ok
stuck here in a daze i'm in suspended animation
revelation falls like the sun to the sea
your beauty is the gravity that pulls me in and then it hits me like a brick

it's your style that drives me wild...

- story -