Here Comes the Rain Again

We played this at a benefit for a Maine biker who's dying of cancer. It wasn't on our play list, but John's bass amp wasn't working for the first half an hour, so we were vamping. After all, you gotta play something and we didn't want to blow through the songs we'd want to play when he got it working. As it turns out, he got it in the middle of this kick ass Eurithmics song. And the result was ...


Island Day

John Michaels and I played this at the Ever After Mustang Rescue Ranch ... an awesome venue in Biddeford, ME ... for a charity event. We played a few songs ... this one was recorded. Hope you like it ... fuck ups and all!



John and I played this one at the same event.



So Beautiful

"So Beautiful" was recorded by my brilliant cousin Dan Mitchell in Niantic, CT. He's one of the most talented musicians I know, but his real strength may be arrangement. He plays everything and throws out some ridiculously interesting sounds. It's hard-core and/but well worth checking out: The video was shot and edited by Eric Budney (West Hill Productions) at Eric's house on West Hill Lake in New Hartford, CT (also, the scene of the annual Budneyfest, this year to be held on June 23rd). Eric is, in his own right, one of best photographers I've ever worked with. It was a privilege to get to work with both Dan and Eric on this little project. And of course, as always, my wife is ... so beautiful.




"Undistrubed" was put together by my best buddy and Wide Wale charter member Jeff Kessinger (, I recorded the song at Syracuse University in '00. Big thanks to producer Eric Thomas and Rob Siegers (aka Banjo Boris). The song is about letting life happen and enjoying every minute of it. The pictures back up that philosophy. They are the building blocks of the friendship that is Wide Wale.